The Apprentice Series 8, Episode 5

The genius that is going to featured in a Virgin gym near you!

6.15am and a bleary-eyed but dressed Gabrielle runs down the stairs, quickly followed by Jenna – WHAT IS THIS?! 2 PEOPLE NEVER RUN TO ANSWER THE PHONE! Jenna stares creepily at Gabrielle as she is told that the cars will be coming to take them to York Hall, sorry, Your Call, as Tom heard and thinks is some kind of call centre (so pretty so dumb – duh…).

York Hall is famed for its world class boxing, sport and fitness facilities. Ricky’s twitching eyebrow is becoming a common feature as Sugar reveals that this week’s task is to devise a fitness class and try to license it nationally – whoever makes the most money wins.

Stephen, who dabbles in the health and fitness sector, is Phoenix’s PM. On Sterling, Ricky Martin declares that he wants to “throw his hat in the ring” (the wrestling ring ho hum), citing his professional wrestling background (not as a threat I presume), but wait! Jenna wants to go for PM on account of her being a horserider. Unanimously, the team vote for Ricky “The Fitness” (snigger) Martin.

From this point, Ricky Martin reels off some nice soundbites:

The Apprentice Series 8 - Week 5 - Keet Fit boxing

I’m the heavyweight champion of wrestling, I want to be the heavyweight champion of the business world. 

Please corroborate this fact please. Sugar doesn’t like lying (unless you count the other times – Lee!). Not only this but Ricky Martin reels off some The Apprentice poetry that has been missing from the past few weeks:

You always witness the Fitness with Ricky Martin

(yep and don’t you forget it! And the fact that he talks in 3rd person)

Stirling decide to go for a martial arts/ streetdance class, capitalising on Ricky Martin’s wrestling and Laura’s dance background.

Adam has an idea of a skipping class – Fit Skip, Hip to Skip. Katie throws out a “Dating Class”  : Adam laughs at this and Jade exclaims that the gym is the last place she would want to meet someone. Katie’s 2nd idea is a 80s retro class, and Stephen goes for this, opting for the traditional rather than the modern idea that Stirling are going for.

Phoenix head off to visit an 80s dance troupe at London’s West End to find some ideas. Adam puts forward his skipping idea but no massive takers (one day…Adam will get his won back on his failed ideas by creating a skipping class/cleaning class – offering free Magic Hands, of course). It all ends with some new ideas and Stephen, Azhar and an out-of-step Adam dancing to Thriller.

Stirling visit a streetdance group, and Duane tells them, “You all look very cool” (like an extreme sales pitch following on from last week). The group show them a few moves and Nick asks if he can join the group. Focus Nick! You’re here to be the next Apprentice! Well the next business partner of Sugar anyway. Come to think of it, it would be interesting to see Nick throw a few streetdance shapes. Let’s make it happen – quit the show and join the group!

Courtesy of Gabrielle, Stirling’s dance classes are called Beat Battle – I’m not really convinced. It doesn’t really suggest anything relating to the concept – it reminds me of a rap battle instead. Each team get their own dance expert to help them devise their classes. The female dance expert and Laura, the “king of dance” according to Ricky Martin (she’s a girl!!), develop the dance element, with Ricky Martin throwing in some martial arts moves for good measure. Female dance expert is critical of how there are too many ideas, but it is a good concept. I would agree, if they iron out their concept, it could work.

The video is going to be an important component to sell their exercise classes. On Phoenix, Jade, Adam and Tom take charge. At the casting session, Jade and Tom are more than happy to let Adam demonstrate his Funky Lunges to a dancer who has just walked off the set of a low-budget production of Fame. After, Adam proclaims that he took the lead and bemoans the fact that creative Jade isn’t very creative.


On Sterling, Duane is appointed the sib-team manager for the video, and he wants to simplify the moves. Nick suggests calling the PM but Duane says no. This could be a problem if the video is showing something different to the real classes.


Back on Phoenix, Azhar, in a pair of short shorts, leads in the video. Jade questions Adam’s contribution – nothing, apart from telling everyone to smile. Which Adam would argue is what wins them the task if they win. In-fighting is occurring on the other team, with Duane arguing with everyone. Ricky Martin has taken one half of the team, and they are all getting along swimmingly, with Gabrielle designing the logo – a graffiti tag (I am surprised that Gabrielle didn’t suggest a graffiti sign…with legs – it might be more apt in this case). Yet on Duane’s mini team, tensions are icy at the studio, and even more so in the taxi, as Duane and Laura argue. For all of Duane’s talents and past successes, he doesn’t seem to be displaying great leadership skills. Nick suppresses a smile as the arguing goes on, and then attempts to diffuse the tension bu suggesting that everyone shake hands and move on. Grumpy Duane says no.


Adam has another moan about creative Jade not being creative, and claims that she is only creating problems, before boasting:

“She doesn’t want to shoot me down, no one could do that…”


Video editing for Sterling is a quiet affair as Laura and Nick are resigned to letting Duane do things his own way after the chaos of filming. Good to see relations have improved all around.


Pitch time. Sterling has a fairly successful time pitching, as Ricky Martin takes the helm of pitcher:

  1. Quotes £45 per month per class, or an offer of 2 months free for a one-year contract. Pitchee suggests that Beat Battle looks similar to boxercise but Ricky Martin points out that Beat Battle uses the legs and elbows whilst boxercise merely uses fists.
  2. To counteract the problems of pitch one, Laura and Duane are to demonstrate Beat Battle in action. Ever wondered what a Super Punch in a suit looks like? Well, look no further as Duane Super Punches in his suit successfully 2nd time around.
  3. Asked about whether Beat Battle would have enough mass appeal, Ricky Martin gives a fantastic answer saying that martial arts is becoming more popular and reels off some figures to support this. He has done well pitching – he is clear, concise and has done his research.

A confident Stephen acknowledges that Ricky Martin likes wresting but questions if he can pull together a good product.

  1. We see the video, quite funny, complete with Azhar’s invisible hula hooping. Groove Train is priced at £35 per class. Pitchee asks about the problems of equipment. There will be less space as Stephen says there will be 8 people less than normal because of the extra equipment. Pitchee asks why would she want to do that when the classes she has now can run with full capacity? Ouch. She goes on to ask where would they keep the extra equipment?
  2. Things don’t get better as next pitchee asks about the prices of the extra equipment. Stephen quotes £2 for a Space Hopper, £1 for a hoop, and 50p for a skipping rope. That is cheap. Karren is not impressed.
  3. Katie suggests using the props in the last pitch, so Stephen asks her:

“Would you maybe have a go on the balls?” before Katie hastily retreats from her words (“Let’s not go too far…”), so it is left to Stephen to show that he can’t hula hoop (oh Stephen!) as he demonstrates the steps in an awkward pitch. Guy pitchee says it looks like a class for kids rather than for women, the intended target market. Katie goes on to spout that the Space Hopper “breaks all boundaries”. Yeah…


Back in the boardroom, everyone loved Ricky Martin as PM. Sugar asks Phoenix who designed the moves and Adam immediately claims credit, even though it was Azhar who did it. Adam apologises and tells everyone that he thought Sugar meant on the day of filming. I accept this, it is a force of habit for Adam to claim credit for things – he has just got too used it that he is claiming credit for things he didn’t do. The equipment plan is called into question, which Tom brought up many minutes ago. Sugar wryly notes that exercise classes mean that you are meant to lose pounds but not proper pounds (Oh Sugar! Although someone who finds gyms too expensive might beg to differ).



Fitness First:

Sterling                 One off fee for development £5000

Phoenix                No orders

Pure Gym           

Sterling                 3 months across 22 gyms £2970

Phoenix                 Nowt


Sterling                 No orders

Phoenix                Hated the idea but £17.50 for 6 months to adapt for families£12,810


Seriously? As I watch this, I cannot believe this. Phoenix have won even though they didn’t pitch well or have a strong idea, and Virgin has helped them win, even though they are going to completely change the idea anyway. Oh my…


Sugar sends Phoenix to London Spa (no relation to the task – disappointed) and the audience is treated to the sight of Stephen’s back and his snoring (double disappointment, and slight “ugh”) – he needs to retrieve his nose plaster from the start of the show no? In the café, Sterling are shocked and no one can see why they lost. Yet…

In the boardroom, people can find fault in the task.

  • Laura blames Ricky Martin for the loss, simply because he was PM
  • Ricky Martin blames the video for not showing Beat Battle properly, and criticises Laura for her bias towards dance
  • Jenna attempts to support Ricky Martin before Laura interrupts her and childishly whines “Don’t blame me!”
  • Lastly, Ricky Martin wants to know what Nick did. (Don’t blame Nick!)
  • Ricky Martin brings back Duane for the video and Laura for the dance.


I think that Ricky Martin did a good job in the task – good leadership and pitching. The video was a huge weakness so Duane is at fault for the loss but Laura could go as Duane has done well in the past and has more potential.


Duane defends Laura and says that Ricky Martin is at fault. He has been a strong contender whilst Ricky Martin has hidden away, but Sugar disagrees with the last statement, which isn’t a good sign. Laura says that if Ricky Martin was worried about editing then he should have gone to the editing himself, which is a little unfair. As PM, you would be worried about all aspects of the task but you can’t expect him to do everything. Ricky Martin says that he delegated based on backgrounds: Duane has filmed promotional videos before and Laura has a dance background.


Sugar says that Ricky Martin brought back the wrong people and hopes it isn’t a sign of bad management. Laura should not have been brought back so she is safe for now. Ricky Martin has done well in the past few weeks and the video it the main reason for the loss, so Duane is fired, which may seem a shock as some had pegged him as the early favourite. Alas, Duane, the man who wanted to make bins trendy, is the next to leave.


Next week – the candidates visit Scotland to sell food, as Ricky Martin offers a group of girls some dinner, someone offers a squirrel some meatballs and Jenna says that she feels physically sick. I think we will end it there.