Honey G – WHY?

Why is Honey G so popular? She is not. Everyone hates her. She is not a singer and she has no aspirations to be a musician. She has no heart in music or performing. All of her performances consist of her “rapping” – it isn’t really rapping, it is more like rambling out of time to the music and then occasionally shouting “When I say Honey, you say G” before more rambling. She looks like your auntie wanted to look cool and “hip” and pretend to be a rapper so all of the kids think she is cool but she would be embarrassing.

I am convinced that the show has been fixed in her favour. The way I see it, the name Honey G generates so much media attention – the woman you love to hate – and the intention is to bring more publicity and viewership for X Factor. She won’t win but they will keep her in as long as possible until the final stages so they can vote her out for a more “serious” winner.

Every year, Simon Cowell and the judges always insist it is a serious music competition intended to find the next big talented singer but as we all can see, that has never really been the case. This year, the judges have even been praising Honey G (What!!!) when the majority of viewers and even celebrities voice their dislike of her! Nobody can take her seriously and nobody can be voting for her seriously! Last weekend, Honey G was in the bottom two. Finally, we all thought that this was her time to go. There is no way that any other contestant who can sing better (not hard, she doesn’t sing) can be voted out…what?! WHAT?! The judges voted to keep her in!!?? If I was Ryan I would be feeling very sad/angry at the moment.

If the show isn’t fixed as ITV seem to maintain, I say everyone should vote for her, just to mess with Simon Cowell. I have had enough – the show is a joke. Let her win, make a mockery of the show, release her Christmas single (said to written by Ed Sheeran this year – can’t wait to see how that will pan out), flop, make Cowell a laughing stock and end the show forever. The end.

X Factor Final – Who Will Win?!


Who will win the X Factor crown?

This Saturday sees the X Factor final take place at Wembley Stadium. Who will win? Does it even matter? Many of the acts who have failed to win the top prize have gone onto bigger and better things (in some years, even better than the winner themselves re: Olly Murs, Ella Henderson, One Direction, etc.).

Simon Cowell must be a very happy man. The year he returns to the show, he has two of his acts in the final and stands a good chance of being a winning mentor. Fleur is obviously the top favourite, having received positive comments from the judges and the public alike. Last week, her performance of “Uptown Funk” really marked her as a strong contender. It has become a big talking point – even becoming no.1 in the Itunes Chart, and propelling the original artists’ version to the top spot this week. For me, Fleur isn’t the best singer. She can sing but there is nothing special about her voice (compare her with Leona Lewis) but she is an all-rounder, something that you don’t really see on a show like this before. She can sing, dance and rap, all of which makes her an exciting prospect in the music business, especially when you couple that with the enormous promotion she has being on X Factor.

Yet the favourite is not always the one who wins. I think Ben could be a dark horse as he is very popular with the public too. He is great at upbeat songs but his voice in slow songs is sometimes uncomfortable to listen to. Whereas Fleur has great potential post-Xfactor, I can’t see a unique gap in the market for Ben. There are already so many male singers doing what he does.

Early on, Andrea was the hot favourite but in the last few weeks he has faced trouble – receiving negative feedback from the judges and falling in the bottom two twice. Personality-wise, he is my favourite, and his voice is hard to beat. The thing with Andrea is that his voice doesn’t really lend itself well to contemporary music. Many of his songs he has performed on the show are classics from 1980s, 1990s, and the question is: can he adapt to create music to appeal to modern tastes today?

So, Fleur is my tip to win, or maybe Ben causing an upset and stealing the win! What do you think? Has X Factor 2014 been a success in your eyes? Do you still miss Stevie? Leave your comments below!