The Apprentice Series 8, Episode 11

Is Adam outside of his comfort zone again

There is a race between Jade and Ricky Martin to answer the phone (oh the tension!), which Jade wins and learns that they will be going to Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly. Ricky Martin describes that it is weird being the last and only member of Sterling and ponders whether it will just be him alone (a “winning combination” in his own words) versus Phoenix. It would be interesting to see, although unlikely that it will happen. Adam remarks “hopefully he’ll stick Jade with you”. No love lost there then.

Insert own caption here.

Burlington Arcade is renowned for its luxury retail shops (so it is related pretty well to the task). Sugar has brought the final 5 here to tell them that task is to create an affordable luxury product range and present it to industry experts and himself. He sends Tom to join a “stranded” Ricky Martin on Sterling and makes Adam PM of Phoenix.

Ricky Martin wants to be PM, hoping it will be 3rd time lucky. Tom proposes the idea of creating male grooming products, which he noticed is popular with male candidates in the series. Even Michael…the sweaty forgotten candidate? Nick Hewer says that Ricky Martin and Tom are perfectly suited to the intended market on account of their age and that their “hair-gelled quiffs” clearly show that they are big fans of male grooming products.

Nick suggests sweets, which Adam takes to mean hot chocolate. Nick has a coffee company, which isn’t really dwelt upon here. He suggests having one clear brand but Adam says, “I like a bit of everything”. He sends Jade to make the chocolates (an easy job in Adam’s opinion) whilst he and Nick sort out the branding. On the other team, Ricky Martin goes to work on the product and Tom works on the business side of things.

Tom and Ricky Martin brainstorm name ideas. It’s times like this when I wonder what genius (!) Stephen would have come up with…Tom likes the word “dapper”, as does Ricky Martin. Ricky Martin suggests “Men’s Choice”, which Tom says sounds like an adult magazine, and “New Tradition”. Name ideas on Phoenix leave a lot to be desired. Adam is churning out such ideas such as “Chocolike” and “Chocoloco”. Nick senses that these aren’t high-end enough – it needs to be LUXURY!!! Like “Choco-cho” or “Cho Cho Cho” (Hmm x2 – can Nick not think of any other syllables?). Adam says it sounds like a train and Nick hastily adds “a chocolate train”. Adam then suggests “Chocolate Bar”, bcos it is chocolate served at a bar and it is  a pun you see. Wow mind blowing! (Not.) Jade suggests “Sweet Thing…it’s like Wild Thing!”. Adam sneers at this, but to be honest, his ideas were no better.

Research time as Tom goes to a luxury grooming salon to grill them about their  business, and Adam and Nick go to a luxury chocolate shop to eat chocolate. They do find out that jellies are selling well, especially Pate de Fruits – a thicker and fuller taste of jelly, but that’s about all really, to the disgust of Karren.

Next, they design a dummy shop to present their product range. In the middle of their consultation with an interior designer, Phoenix argue about jellies. Can you imagine the discomfort of the interior designer right now? Adam loves jellies – “the next big thing” but the others are less enthusiastic. Nick says that jellies are “not necessarily bad but they detract from the focus of the task” or in 2 words – NO JELLIES! Adam presents jellies as an alternative to chocolate – in a chocolate shop. Why would you go to a chocolate shop if you didn’t want to buy chocolate? Adam is Chocoloco personified.

Nick Hewer and Ricky Martin get to grips with male grooming

In the factories, Jade and Ricky Martin create their new range. Both are enjoying it tremendously: Jade is burning a slab of marshmallow, probably imagining that it is Adam’s face, and Ricky Martin is in heaven making his own product line, which is cohesive (unlike Phoenix’s) and form part of a male grooming routine, and experimenting with the different creams and so forth. Sterling still haven’t come up with a name yet and Tom suggests “gentry”, which would be fine – if it was 100 years ago! He tells Ricky Martin that he thinks “New Tradition” is “not very creative” and puts forward as-creative-as-a-twig “Modern Gentleman”.

Phoenix have opted for Sweet Thing but they seem to have muddled their concept – are they a chocolate shop still? Jade has fanciful notions for “Drunken Jellies”, fruit jellies with alcohol. Adam hates the name but can’t think of anything between so he approves it. Nick isn’t happy (with anything really) and Jade thinks she is the only one doing all the work, and discovers that her sample of pear and cider are a no-no.

Tom is concerned about the branding – is it too “boring”? (Yes) Nick Hewer notes that Ricky Martin really should have been here as it is risky sending Tom to do it.

Opening of Dummy Shop

Tom has paint on his hands! Apparently he has never painted before. He leaves Ricky Martin to do all the hard work, painting the walls, whilst he paints the little shelving units, with the biggest look of pain on his face.

Karren quizzes Phoenix about their pricing strategy. Adam states £2.99 and Nick contradicts him by quoting £4.99 but saying that he agrees with Adam, contradicting himself in the process. What a confusing man. Karren asks which is the true price, to which Nick unhelpfully answers “Exactly”.

Sterling have hired a live male grooming professional to promote Modern Gentleman, who gives Tom a free shave which Ricky Martin approves of, as he strokes Tom’s face. Phoenix have booked a live cocktail expert, although what it has to do with chocolate I am unsure of.

Adam and Nick present their Sweet Thing

Phoenix’s dummy run goes well – all the pretend customers are happy, everything is fun and bright and everyone loves the branding, friendliness and colour of Sweet Thing. It’s the complete opposite to Sterling’s efforts – things are slow, tedious and boring. Nick Hewer notes that whilst Ricky Martin and Tom are good at analytical things, when it comes to creativity, they are “more pedestrian” and mocks the minimalistic look as resembling a “closing down sale”. It looks miserable.

Looks like a business meeting rather than retail

Not even an unsuspecting man getting groomed by Ricky Martin with Tom narrating in the background can help matters as they receive a scathing review in which Modern Gentleman is described as “boring, dull” and the branding doesn’t stand out.

Afterwards, Ricky Martin confesses that he is counting on the pitch and not keen on the packaging. If they lose, you just know that it will draw the familiar questions of “WHY DIDN’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF?!” like the exercise video and the wine video. The next morning, Ricky Martin confides in Tom in a walk-in closet that he couldn’t sleep as Tom finishes getting dressed. This isn’t weird at all. Phoenix are spread out: Adam is brushing his teeth in the bathroom, Jade is eating alone in the kitchen and Nick is looking desolately through the window of his weird globe seat thing in the garden he is sat in – he is worried about the brand and prepared for difficult questions. So he says.


Will Phoenix’s pitch prove as sweet as Sweet Thing?

Sterling: Ricky Martin starts off his pitch saying that he and Tom love to look good but don’t talk with their friends and family about grooming, like a lot of men. I never knew that this was such a problem, but what do I know? How Modern Gentleman changes all that is unclear, but Ricky Martin says that he wants to make it big in Europe. Tom says that everyone who had a full shaving on the dummy run left satisfied and that they are aiming to open a boutique store and shaving business in Year One. Tom and Ricky Martin work well as a team (Team T-Ricky, or Tricky) and demonstrate a good business plan and they pitch clearly, concisely and informatively. The brand is attacked again and Ricky Martin suggests rectifying this by putting it in a box to make it look more luxury (or so you don’t have to look at its boringness…). Tricky’s presentation is well received as is their knowledge of the male grooming area and the market…if only the branding was different…

Phoenix: Adam stumbles on his words whereas Jade presents an enthusiastic and lively pitch of the product line, which she describes could be extended by serving alcohol on a day-to-day basis. So it is a bar now? Nevertheless, she presents well, in stark contrast to Adam’s random coughing and trying to read the words off his hand as he tries to eke out the last words of his presentation. It doesn’t held that his hands are probably sweating by now, and smudging the inky words. Sugar questions Nick’s intention of opening shops in London and Manchester, hard to accomplish with the low profits incurred from the pricing of the product range. The general consensus of Phoenix’s pitch is that the chocolates were nice but everything else was bad – the brand, confused product range and the pitch.


Ricky Martin declares that he is “very passionate about male grooming” and Tom concedes that the design was rubbish. Tricky’s dummy shop is criticised. Adam’s shop is praised but his research visit is criticised for not gaining useful information. Nick claims that he asked about business and wholesale. Karren mentions she did not see this.


On account of being a better business idea; well thought out and planned – Sugar declares Sterling to be the well-deserved winners. I’d agree – Ricky Martin and Tom worked fantastically well together and put a great effort in developing the business idea and sold it well to the industry experts. Phoenix’s Sweet Thing was all a  bit of a mess. Sadly, Ricky Martin and Tom are sent home without a treat (aww…it was Ricky Martin’s first win as PM as well), which I would feel cheated at! There is time for a celebratory hug outside, or as Tom puts it to Ricky, “Give me some proper!”


Phoenix are told to return to the boardroom in the morning, but they still insist on going to the cafe to mull over their loss. Why?! Go home  you fools! Adam optimistically says, “Well…we didn’t do a bad job!”. Nick blames Adam for everything. Adam says, “There is no way on the planet that I’ll be the one who goes home tomorrow!”. How deluded can you get?


In the morning…

Who will miss out on the final?

First question is about pricing. Adam can’t pick out who was in charge and attempts to shift the blame onto Jade, who dismisses that it wasn’t her role. It’s not a good sign if a PM can’t tell who was doing what; it signifies a lack of control. Sugar says the range is too expensive for supermarkets and too cheap for luxury retail. Nick claims Sweet Thing was intended to be mass market before stating that there was no strategy, and then repeating the word “strategy” 2 or 3 times. Stop it! Stop saying that word! Not again! Adam points out that “Everyone uses the word “strategy” when things go wrong”. Yeah, like Azhar. Nick, stop channelling Azhar. It didn’t work for him last time.


Phoenix are also criticised for having no flagship product and not pitching well. Nick Hewer says that “Tom and Ricky drilled each other for an hour and a half before the pitch” (it is impossible not to make your own jokes throughout this episode) and thought of every possible question to present a coherent, workable business proposition, UNLIKE PHOENIX!!!


Sugar asks who performed the worst on the task – Adam claims that everyone did well on the team (i.e. he was probably the worst but he can’t admit this here). Nick apologises to Adam before ripping him to shreds (in the worst way that Nick can) and blaming him for everything, such as lack of direction. Jade adds to this by stating that Adam had no role.


Nick’s luxury coffee shop is mentioned and Nick is chastised for not bringing his experience to the task. Nick maintains that it is different to a luxury chocolate shop. He says he suggested hot chocolate (I don’t remember this) but this was rejected by the team. Nick Hewer states that he though Nick will have been “more persuasive”. Nick says he brought it up but followed the team’s opinions for the sake of keeping harmony within Phoenix. Karren makes it worse for Nick when she sneers, “You didn’t try THAT hard…”


To be honest, it could only be Adam to go really – he didn’t grasp the brief or manage the team well, and he has done little to show he is good to go into business with. Really, he should have been fired weeks ago. Anyway, the inevitable is drawn out when Sugar asks (again) why they should stay. Adam declares himself to be “the best candidate overall” and claims that Nick fluked his way to the final, and is nowt special considering that there are “10 million others who are good at computers and designing logos”, and that despite Jade’s claims of expert knowledge, nothing in the tasks has demonstrated her background and this expertise. Nothing like a nice and quiet exit!


Jade points out that Adam is good at sales but little else and Adam says “at least I am good at what I do”. Jade responds by shouting that Adam doesn’t know what she does (I didn’t either, but she works in consumer data apparently). Nick says that based on the task, Adam should go, but overall, Jade is the weakest. WHAT?! How can Jade be weaker than Adam?! (I assume this is tactical – Jade obviously poses more of a threat than Adam in the final, or else Nick isn’t as clever as everyone thought he was) He claims that Jade didn’t demonstrate her background experience in last week’s task and claims credit for closing the spa deal. Which is a lie.


Sugar loves Adam’s enthusiasm and his sales ability, which seems to have become a recurring phrase for the past few weeks, but notes that he lost the plot this week. He admires Jade’s creativity but not all of her ideas were good. He is disappointed that Nick didn’t step in and put his background knowledge to good use. Adam is fired though, which was pretty obvious.

Adam’s luck finally runs out…


Adam’s parting words are, “If you ever need a salesman you know where I am”.


Back at the house, Tom and Ricky Martin are hoping Nick doesn’t come back for tactical purposes but pretend to be glad when Nick returns with Jade. Jade eyes the “fooooooood” and Nick starts talking about how there was no strategy…and repeats the word “strategy” multiple times again. Argh. It’s enough to make me not want you to win!!!!


Nick strikes me as shifty in trying to claim credit (the spa deal) and amend situations in his favour (lying about the research visit). Are these good tactics or the sign of an untrustworthy candidate? And he started using the word “strategy” constantly. Jade proved herself to be a stronger candidate than previously thought and stands a good chance of winning, and although Tom is about as creative as the colour grey, he gave an impressive pitch and head for numbers. I am not sure whether his idea will be creative enough to ensnare interest but on business matters, he should excel. However, my bet to win is still Ricky Martin, who has proven he is a good all rounder in delivering what is needed. He possesses a business spark and flair supported with the knowledge and awareness to execute his ideas that none of the others seem to have. But if his business idea turns out to be something naff, like a shark watching class (similar to bird watching), then who knows?!

The Apprentice Series 8, Episode 1

The Apprentice returns! Have you missed it? It’s been a while, ooh a few months ago since Young Apprentice finished. In my preview entry, I’ve singled out a few to watch, not because they seem like the new business minds of the future but because they are comical, like Ricky Martin. Will they live up to our initial impressions? Now is the time to find out…
As usual, we start with a lengthy intro, starting with a few choice quotes, such as

To be the best, you have to beat the best.

(…but surely if you beat the best, then you have to beat yourself?)

I will literally roar my way to the top.

(I would really like to see this. Instead of a dignified and eloquent speech in the boardroom, would general roaring do the trick?)
One candidate describes himself as a

master puppeteer who can pull the strings to control people

an interesting metaphor, or perhaps he is planning to set up a puppeteering business as part of his plan for the show.
My favourite is the guy who described himself as a shark – “top of the food chain” and “the reflection of perfection”. Which means that in actual fact, he is the complete opposite. This is Ricky Martin everyone, who must win the show.

Ricky Martin must win

Scenes of the series look fun. There is a lady with garish purple eyeshadow (and I’m talking scarily garish) to match her purple blouse, a bit of dancing and people running to a car with plates  of food in hand. Fun fun fun.
8am, and we are greeted by the sight of the purple lady. Eek. And the other 15 candidates. Lord Sugar says that if was the same age as the candidates (not sure how are they are varying ages) he would be entering The Apprentice, and that he would win (I don’t think so, but I’d like to see that happen in the next series, obviously with a new person in Lord Sugar’s seat obviously – he can’t award the prize to himself. Although, if Tom Pellerau’s business ideas go belly-up, Sugar might be inclined to keep the money for himself in this way. Unfair, but sensible). Anyway, he is looking for the Marks to his Spencer, the Lennon to his McCatney (although they fell out). The task is to design blank items and sell them. The team that makes the most profit wins.
Before they leave, Sugar picks on a sweaty looking guy, who denies that he is nervous (and revealing that he is just a sweaty guy), whilst another man licks his teeth, creepily. These boys are weird, compared to the girls, who all look immaculately groomed, and scarily alike, like clones…This proves a problem as I fail to remember who is who – Jane, Jade, Jenna, Jim?…
The teams get to know each other in the taxis. One girl talks about her financial career, and the other girls say that they can depend on her for the figures. Don’t be too sure, remember Edward the accountant who was useless with numbers? He went out first week. Rolling with the punches indeed…
We also meet Stephen, a poet: “Enthuaisam is his greatest asset, something that is caught, and not taught.” He goes on to say that business is easy, just complicated by idiots. Let’s hope that these aren’t his famous last words.
Maria describes herself as Marmite, which is just asking for trouble.
And now herald the return of Ricky Martin:

By day I am a business superstar, by night, a professional wrestler

Said like some kind of Apprentice superhero, the latest one since Pantsman in 2009. He tells the rest of the guys that Sugar could “feel the charisma coming out of him” from the other side of the desk, whilst Nick looks out of the window laughing (or trying not to laugh) to himself. Ricky Martin (not just Ricky, he must always be mentioned in full name) – idiot or genious? I go with genius idiot. He seems fun, again he must win the show.
Next comes the naming of the teams. The boys go with Phoenix, suggested by Stephen, who says when they lose, they will rise out of the ashes. Slightly naive as it suggests that the team need to lose, not a positive thought for week one. Eh. It’s Ok. On the other team, one of the girls had a dream that they should be called Sterling, a “strong” name. Does she decide all things, including business, by dreams? This would be fascinating…
Q: Why did you pick that product to sell? There’s no market, it’s unpopular, and just plain boring A: A monkey told me to in a dream.
In selecting PM, offers are a little thin on the ground until a posh guy, dreamboat Nick (much better looking than that Tom guy from my preview entry) goes for it hestitantly. Someone says that he has 100% support from the team (if only because no-one else wanted to do it, but he doesn’t mention this bit). Dreamboat Nick reveals that he “ranks everything in life like an Excel spreadsheet”. Egh.
On Sterling, Gabrielle puts herself forward as PM, as she has opened a print and design store. One girl, who gesticulates wildly, backs her, but often, the PM with the most experience fails to deliver a win. Is this a sign?
First thing that Nick does is fail to listen to evreyone and talk over them. Classic PM behaviour. The focus appears to be on profit and numbers, and little thought is given to the design. The team chant “To Phoenix” before splitting up – seems like things are lovely at first, not sure how long that will last, and the men begin to hate each other.
Sterling are using an animal theme to target the baby market. Jade designs the goods, and the drawings look like a 3 year old drew them, and not in a good way. In fact, parent watching at home might consider using their children’s drawings to make these goods, they would probably look better.
Nick sets his sub-team to spend no more that £200 on bags, and they buy their blank products in budget and sticking to numbers. In contrast, Sterling has no numbers to work with – a bad plan, what happened to the girl who was meant to be good with numbers? (I can’t remember who this is, someone who has dark hair, which accounts for 3/4 of the team) Jane decides to amke up some numbers and the sub-team spend £280. Back in the taxi, the sub-team dismiss Gabrielle as someone who “draws buldings” and nothing else. Nice to say how friendly they are all being.
Phoenix are focusing on maximising profit whilst Stirling are concentrating on the concept. Money usually wins over creativity – there was a task making sandwiches a few years back, and the girls team used really cheap ingredients and scrimped on using them – not good quality but it helped them win in the end.
Phoenix’s sub-team finally come up with a concept. Their bags and shirts have “THIS IS” with a picture underneath (e.g. bus), whilst their Jack the bears have Union Jack t-shirts. Karen criticises it – it is nothing special. To be honest, I wouldn’t buy one of these myself, but it looks like they are trying the London tourist angle, so it could work in their favour.
Stirling are printing their goods, and Gabrielle is taking charge. However, Nick is disappointed by Katie, who is “too quiet”. Still no business plan for Stirling as of yet. Jane consistently moans about this but didn’t really do anything about it in the beginning, and she is starting to get annoying.
Whilst Stirling are coping well with the printing, the boys’ team is not doing so well. Ricky Martin may be a good wrestler, but he is a poor printer. The quality is variable: smeared red on the bag handles, over inking and under inking – it all amounts to a waste of stock. Some of the team aren’t too keen on the concept either, like Duane, but the boys press on together.
The next day, Phoenix set up their stall on the South Bank. They get a pep talk from Nick, who wants them to make £325 each (I’m presuming on both halves of the team), focusing on the teddies at £15 each. Stephen steps in and pushes his sales background, challenging Nick. Stephen says that if he asks 20 of his friends (assuming that he has 20) if they would buy a teddy for that price, the majority would refuse. He proposes lowering the teddy price but no one listens to him. Some members criticise him for confronting Nick at that stage in front of everyone.
The girls set up their stall at Greenwich Market, who set out to sell personalised shirts and sell at London Zoo – a good idea to appeal to their market.
***Momentarily distracted by Sockomals stall in background. What do they look like? I can’t see properly…Noo…***
However, the sub-team are staying at the market a little longer, and Stirling begin arguing with each other in public view.
Selling to tourists, the boys are having little success. Come to think of it, £15 is a bit expensive for a teddy, perhaps Stephen was talking sense, although there is something odd about him. They go on to lower the teddy prices.
At this point, it seems that Stirling will win. The idea to personalise items for £5 extra is a good moneyspinner, whilst Phoenix’s stock is generic and over-expenisve. Yet, the girls’ sub-team are still in traffic on the way to the zoo, and losing time, which could be costly.
They eventually reach the zoo, and their tactic is to go in a large group and allow people to take it in turns to sell to show off their skills, yet no one seemed to tell Bilyana, who seems to be chasing all potential sales leads, annoying the other girls. They confront her about this and being arguing. I don’t see the problem, surely they should split up to sell, you reach more people, and any sales (no matter who they are made by) that are made do all add up to the profits at the end. This tactic seems a little off.
Having exhausted all potential sales leads, Bilyana, who knows London well, takes the sub-team to find shops to sell to…if she could find them that is. This ends up being a lengthy tour of the surrounding area, again costing time and money, before they finally reach upon a small gift shop. Things don’t get much better though, as when pitching, they all talk over each other anyway. The shopgirl tells them that she can’t buy anything today but the girls persist in an aggressive fashion. The girls responds by saying that she doesn’t

like buying under pressure or stress

(you feel sorry for her to be confronted by this lot) and she genuinely looks terrified. Outside, the sub-team get told off by a man with a milkshake (presumably the manager), pointing out how rude they were and how one of them said

We’re wasting time, let’s move on to the next one

which someone owns up to. Hah…this won’t be forgotten in a hurry.
It now seems that the boys have the win in the (This is a bus) bag but hang on. The customer who they sold leftover stock to isn’t pleased with the quality. I can’t believe Azhar and his sub-team tried to sell her the bad stock. In the end, they have to refund the money.
Task over, now time for the results. The purple lady is there wil her purple eyeshadow and blouse – this won’t be a lucky trademark outfit will it? I think that the boys will edge it to get the first win as they implemented a better business plan.
Sugar points out the boys wrote that they all wanted to be PM, such as Azhar saying in his CV that he’ll be PM for all the tasks, a stark contrast to this ep. One, I don’t think you can do that, and two, it’s called playing the game. Sugar goes on to criticise their brand and the quality (or lack of) with the bags and a teddy with a red head – what has Jack the bear been up to? Everyone loves Jade’s design for Stirling ( am I the only one who doesn’t?).
Stirling took £690.60, spent £475.80 and made a profit of £214.80 Phoenix took £1015.66 (hmm, I can tell how this might go), spent £399.40 and made a profit of £616.20 – WIN

And their prize is an art-inspired reception back at the house – with food and drink in the style of art, seeing the boys dorn blue liquire and flicking stuff into cocktail glasses, and a profession of bromance by on the guys. Fun.
Back in the boardroom, scary Jane delves straight in, complaining how the team didn’t consider the figures in the task, backed by gesticulating-widly girl. I don’t think that it was the PM’s fault for losing the task, I blame the disorganisation of the sub-team at the zoo. Next, the focus turns to Bilyana, who so-called knowledge of London is very strange, let’s hope she isn’t wanting to sell her own maps as part of her business plan! The other girls turn on Bilyana, mocking her risk analyst and financial background and how this wasn’t put to good use in the task, slightly unfair as the other girls didn’t put to use all of their backgrounds. Gesticulating-wildy girl blames Katie for not doing enough, and Katie tries to defend herself by saying that she doesn’t want to shout and scream over others at the risk of professionality. Sugar says it is an excuse he has heard many times before, which doesn’t bode well.
Gabrielle brings back Bilyana and Katie. I think Katie is more likely to go, as the quietest members are usually sacrificed in place of the louder candidates, i.e. Bilyana, who will make interesting TV.
The final showdown sees Bilyana tries to talk her way out of this, with great style and panache. She explains how she has many good points and wasn’t loud enough to be heard (hmm) and breaks down the task, and how she did well, and others didn’t. Sugar says that she is talking too much spiel, using her risk analyst critique and overcomplicating what was meant to be an easy task. Bilyana even makes the nice mild-mannered Gabrielle let rip at her, saying that she drove the task well and the rest of the team shed blood, sweat and tears, and all Bilyana has are “excuses, excuses, excuses” – nice one. Sugar then turns to Katie, reading out how she says that she “doesn’t hide behind others” in her CV. In a last attemps, Bilyana attempts to tell Sugar all about her background, starting from when she came to the UK on a one year scholarship programme at the age of 17, and managed to stay longer, becoming head girl, before she is interrupted by Sugar, who doesn’t even want to hear it. Bilyana continues to try to defend herself: “Whatever I get my hands on, I have an impact” – not always a good thing…when a car crashes into a tree, it has an impact on the car…and the tree, and none of them good.
It comes down to the decision, and Sugar is talking about hiding behind others, which I took to refer to Katie, who looks resigned to being fired. Yet Bilyana steps in again and tries to talk up, but she is fired. Shame, she would have made interesting TV for the next few weeks, even though she was annoying towards the end. Sugar describes that it was “her demeanour that led to her demise”. We will never get to hear her life story…what happened after she was head girl…? WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!!
Bilyana doesn’t seem to affected by the firing, saying that she thinks her business plan is amazing and that she’ll move on anyway. Good for her.
In the taxi back to the house, Katie counts her blessings, saying that she has Bilyana to thank. I can’t see Katie improving much and staying on for a long time after this week.
Back at the house, Sterling want Gabrielle to come back and think Katie will be fired. When they return, I think the team are genuinely grateful that Bilyana is gone. It is a shame, as she was one of the few girls whose name I do know and remember.

What was her life story? We will never know…Bilyana is the first candidate to be fired.

Next week, the teams design gadgets. Ricky Martin says that their team has invented a bin.