Chocolate Digestive Biscuit

I’ve just uploaded the new drawings. Amongst there are the continuation of Twilight, the beginning of a new story I am trying out called Angel Love Agency, and a Fat Duck.

Drawings for 31st Jan to 06th Feb.

Drawings for 7th Feb to 13th Feb

Drawings for 14th to 19th Feb.

Drawings for 20th and 21st Feb.

The Drawing A Day feature should be updating daily for the next week or so, so keep checking for new entries!

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Alphabet of Me

I am trying this new thing where I will attempt to write a blog entry for each letter for the alphabet – check out for Alphabet of Me – so far there is the letters B, V, J and E. I’ll try and find a way of transporting it to WordPress blog once I figure out how to make pages on this blog…


I am very sad that this series of Hustle is the last series. All good things must come to an end, like Desperate Housewives is later this year.

Hustle’s joy is that it never takes itself too seriously, you know that when you are viewing it it is a light-hearted comedy-drama – it doesn’t proclaim itself to be anything but. The villains are extra evil and the actors and actresses portraying them waste no time in showing this to the audience, sometimes bordering on overacting, but it makes it fun to watch. And the crew are funny, clever and cool. Matt Di Angelo won’t win any acting awards, but his role as Sean Kennedy is perfect for him, it doesn’t require too much, but he is able to fulfil the charming, good looking role that is expected of him, and Hustle suits him quite well. The bonds and relationships between the hustlers is so tight and there is a lot of chemistry between them that their friendship seems quite believable.

And the storylines…well pretty much it is the crew trying to con a nasty person…there is a twist in the middle but everything is resolved in the end with the crew winning – Huzzah! Some might say it is predictable but I like this, and it makes it interesting to guess how the Hustle team will work their way through the times when their plan goes “awry”. I liked the episode with Patrick Baladi as the policeman, and how tenous the plot was in how the team were recruited by the Superintendent and knew all about what Baladi was planning, even how they would recruit Sean’s ex to spy on them.
I’m not sure how they will finish the series – will it continue to be the same as the other episodes? I’ve heard Jaime Murray is to return for the final episode – might there be a story between Mickey, Stacey and Emma – a love triangle? I would hope for Danny to return too as he was a great character in the earliest series. Will the team finally get caught for their crimes? Will someone die? I can’t wait to find out but I am also dreading it as I have been a great fan of Hustle – it is so slick, funny, clever and the main actors and actresses in the Hustle team, and Eddie, make it a treat to watch. I’ll miss the Hustling action after it has ended!

Being Human (originally written on 05/02/2012)

Tonight sees the return of Being Human on BBC3 at 9pm, and this series sees a lot of changes. One of the things that has worked so successfully for the show is the interplay and relationship between Annie, Mitchell and George, and last series culminated in George performing the greatest sacrifice for Mitchell, by staking him to avoid being by the Head Vampire, played by Lee Ingleby. Whilst Mitchell (Aidan Turner) goes on to star in The Hobbit, Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan recently announced that they were quitting the show. This paves the way for new characters Hal, and Tom (who we saw in the last season) to join Annie (Lenora Critchlow), but this is a massive gamble. However, sometimes the show has to change to keep fresh and new, and whilst George and Mitchell will be sorely missed, it’s time to see what the new boys can do…