Marcus Collins’ Debut Single

Reading this I was thinking…Can this really be true? Marcus Collins is looking to release White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army as his debut single. Now the song is nothing like Marcus Collins’ usual style, so it has left me wondering/fearing what he is going to do with the song. Should I be expecting a 50’s rock n roll style song like he did with Queen’s anthem, Another One Bites The Dust…I shudder the thought…

According to the  Daily Mail article,
The new version of the song with reportedly have a pop music feel to it in a similar vein to Bruno Mars and will be less edgy than the original”

…the “edginess” is what made Seven Nation Army so unique in the first place, and I can’t imagine the song in a Bruno Mars style…

However, maybe I am being too overly-critical about the whole matter. I mean, I haven’t heard the song yet, it could be brilliant, the next big song of the year…Eh…who am I kidding…I see bad things…



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